About Us

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Our Story

Naksa Group was initially registered as Naksa Labs with an idea of a Software Company which later evolved to be a group of companies with collective ideas of technological enhancement and in fields that can be given a touch with technology.

Till date (as of September 25, 2020 when this was updated) our subsidiaries are: Naksa Labs as a software company, Naksa Store as an e-commerce site, Naksa Academy as a coding school and Naksa Get Set Tour as a tour management company and yet more to come.


What We Offer

We give our cent percent in whatever we do ensuring your full satisfaction with our work and make you happy.

We Understand Requirements

Understanding requirements of the clients is the first and foremost activity we go through.

We Work Precisely ​

With clear requirements, we implement the ideas into real work that clients expect.

We Deliver Best Output​

Hard work along with approval from the clients leads to high customer satisfaction which drives the best output.

Our Expert Team

Just like spectrum makes a beautiful rainbow, Naksa Group is a team of awesome people with outstanding skills that makes the group stand out.

Sundar Gurung

COO & Co-founder | Naksa Group

Sandesh Sharma

Naksa Labs | Managing Director

Prashant Karki

Naksa Store | Managing Director

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